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Capacity Assessments

Why Minds on Growth?



Issues around mental capacity can feel overwhelming and confusing, so having an experienced clinician on board makes all the difference. Our knowledge and expertise brings clarity to the assessment process and we are always just an email or phone call away to answer any questions.  

Fast Turnaround

We offer a fast response time and report turnaround, as we understand the need for questions to be answered before things become more complicated.


Our Ethos

The key principles of the Mental Capacity Act are embedded into our approach. We are committed to providing people the support they need to have the best chance of being able to make a decision independently. This is a central part of the Mental Capacity Act that not only empowers people, but also ensures that any assessment undertaken is robust and stands up to scrutiny. 


In cases where people aren’t able to make decisions independently and need support, we are on hand to give advice on the steps required to make a decision in their best interests.

Fixed Fees

Whilst hourly rates can seem appealing, the absence of a ceiling price and the potential for hidden extras can cause worry and confusion. We offer fixed prices to take away the uncertainty and to allow us to provide a service that is generally better value in the long run. Contact us today for a no obligation quote. 

Questions? Looking for a quote? Contact us today with no obligation. 
Common Capacity Questions:
- Appointing lasting power of attorney
- Management of finances
- Health and welfare related decisions
- Capacity to litigate
- Capacity to make a gift
- Challenges to existing assessments  
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